Apple’s New iPhones Have Serious Design Problems

Honorable attempts have been made to beautify Apple’s remarkably ugly new iPhones which may have got your hope ups. But now it’s time for a new reality check.

iPhone 11 concept render does its best to polish Apple's ugly new design

iPhone 11 concept render does its best to polish Apple’s ugly new design


Bloomberg’s ever-reliable Mark Gurman is back following his iPhone 11 features leak last week. And, as promising as its internals sound, Gurman has shown that externally Apple is getting it all wrong. In a pair of tweets (1,2), he has revealed new iPhone case molds which confirm our worst fears, as well as two polarizing new color options for the iPhone XR2.

The molds spell it out. Apple is indeed putting large, square camera humps on the back of all its new iPhones. The hump is the largest in the industry and, while the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max (names TBC) at least use it to house triple cameras (specs here). The square hump will inexplicably still be used on the dual camera iPhone XR2 as well.

New iPhone 11 and iPhone XR2 molds

New iPhone 11 and iPhone XR2 molds


At this point, the new iPhones look less like they came from Apple’s design studio than Lego’s.

On the flipside, to make up for its bizarre camera styling, Gurman says Apple will introduce two new colors to the iPhone XR line-up: lavender purple and green. They will replace the current blue and coral finishes but, while this is subjective, mock-ups (below) suggest the decision is divisive at best.

Apple's iPhone XR2 color options modelled from Gurman's leak

Apple’s iPhone XR2 color options modelled from Gurman’s leak


That said, with Apple’s current iPhones currently embroiled in a new battery scandal and the new models just four months away, it may be worth waiting to see for yourself. My tip: save your money for Apple’s more exciting plans next year. 2019’s ‘iPhone XSS’ line-up is looking like filler.


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