Boost Mobile takes on Amazon with Apple iPhone deals during Prime Day 2019

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This two-day Boost Mobile sale has discounts on both Android and Apple smartphones, and we’ve rounded up the iPhone deals below. If you want to see everything that’s available, or if you’re just more of an Android person, then be sure to check out all the discounted phones right here .

  • Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus : The iPhone 6 is a few years old now but it’s still a fine phone and is the best option for budget-conscious shoppers. Given that it’s a model from 2015, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is highly affordable in 2019, especially with these deals that let you score the 32GB iPhone 6S for $200 or the 6S Plus for $300, saving you $250. If you’re willing to buy pre-owned, you can get a certified refurbished iPhone 6S for as little as $130 or the 6S Plus for as low as $180.
  • Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus : If you don’t need the latest and greatest but want a more recent iPhone that’ll still save you some cash, the iPhone 7 is a nice middle-of-the-road option. Boost Mobile has new and professionally recertified ones on sale in both sizes: The iPhone 7 starts at $340 and you can grab the larger 7 Plus for $470 (both saving you $100), or you can go the refurbished route and grab a pre-owned iPhone 7 for a cheap $200 or the 7 Plus for $300.
  • Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus : We didn’t like the iPhone 8 quite as much as we did the X, but it’s nonetheless a slick and well-made device (this is Apple we’re talking about, after all) and it’s a bit less pricey as well: Boost Mobile has the iPhone 8 on sale starting at $500 ($100 off), while the larger iPhone 8 Plus is marked down to $600. There are no refurbished options available, though.
  • Apple iPhone X : The iPhone X is one of our favorite Apple smartphones to have come along in recent years, but its steep $1,000 sticker price — the highest yet for an iPhone at the time — was understandably a deal-breaker for many. It’s thankfully a bit cheaper now, and Boost Mobile has the new iPhone Xavailable for $800, saving you $100.

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