Forget iPhone 11, Apple’s Next iPhones Detailed

Thinking about upgrading your iPhone in 2019? Don’t. The iPhone 11 is Apple’s ugliest model in years, and while there are some solid improvements, there’s also a lot missing. Moreover, we now know Apple will bring out the big guns in 2020.

iPhone 2020 concept render based on leaks

iPhone 2020 concept render based on leaks


Credit for this news goes to CNBC, which has managed to attain a note from JPMorgan detailing what it knows about Apple’s next-generation 2020 iPhones. And, not only the information confirm previous good news, it goes further with the models expected to drive a major pickup in sales worldwide.

Building on what we already know, JPMorgan states that Apple will indeed resize both its premium iPhones next year, shrinking the 5.8-inch model to 5.4-inches and enlarging the 6.5-inch Max to 6.7-inches. The next generation iPhone XR will stay at 6.1-inches, all of which is smart because it gives Apple sizes to fit every user preference. OLED panels will also become standard across the range. Furthermore, JPMorgan goes a step further than what we had heard before.

Thanks to its recent deal with Qualcomm and innovative groundwork laid inside the iPhone 11 logic board, JPMorgan says Apple will now bring 5G to every 2020 iPhone, rather than exclude the XR as we had been led to believe. In addition, “at least two of the three models [are] adopting world facing 3D Sensing (Time of Flight) driving industry-leading AR/VR capabilities which can be leveraged by custom built applications (including games).”

Apple iPhone 11 logic board lays foundations for radical 2020 iPhone changes - render based on leaked schematics

Apple iPhone 11 logic board lays foundations for radical 2020 iPhone changes – render based on leaked schematics


And it doesn’t end there. The iPhone’s famous notch may also become history, with a new punch-hole display hotly tipped for next year’s models. All of which makes them sound like the true generational jump iPhone fans wanted from Apple in 2019 after the 2018 “S year”.

So should you upgrade to the 2019 iPhone 11 under any circumstances? Personally, I see only two. First, photography fans will like their enhanced cameras even if some optical improvement were canned. Second, owners prioritising battery life should get the biggest boost in years. But, that aside, stay away. After all, even the famed iPhone second-hand values are unlikely to hold for the iPhone 11 because it will be a 4G phone in a 5G era. You’re buying a slice of a past.

So wait. It’s going to be worth it.


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