iOS 13 hints Apple will remove 3D Touch from its 2019 iPhones

iPhone 11

Earlier this week at its annual developers conference – WWDC 2019 – Apple made a host of new announcements regarding its mobile operating systems – iOS 13. A system wide dark mode, a faster FaceID, new video editing tools, new privacy feature and an updated keyboard are some of the exciting features coming to iPhones this fall. Apart from the updated feature list and cosmetic changes, Apple also announced some features that will change the way we use iPhones in future.

Apple is likely to drop the support for 3D Touch in iOS 13. 3D Touch gestures, which the company first introduced in the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus and that have been a standard feature of all iPhones except the iPhone SE and the iPhone XR, will most probably be replaced by Haptic touch gestures that form the core of experience in the company’s last year’s budget smartphone – the iPhone XR.

This means that with the iOS 13 update, all previous iPhones will lose the 3D Touch gesture based functionality, which means that you can no longer hard press on an app icon on the screen and select a quick action without releasing your finger. Instead, you will have to long press on an app icon on the screen and then release to preview the options.

A quick look at the System Experience section of the iOS 13 features indicates that iPhone users will be able to preview emails and weblinks pressing and holding to see a hint of the content. They will be able to perform certain actions quickly by pressing and holding an app icon to quickly perform actions specific to the app.

Apple is clearly laying the groundwork for its 2019 iPhones or the iPhone 11 with iOS 13 and changes in the usage of features such as Peek and Quick Action are an indication of the fact that the company is planning to ditch 3D Touch for Haptic Touch its its upcoming iPhones.

Separately, rumours have also revealed key details about the storage space of the upcoming iPhone 11. Unlike the older iPhone models, which come with 64GB storage space for the base variant, the 2019 iPhones will start with 128GB storage space. In addition to this, previous reports have indicated that this year’s budget iPhone – iPhone XR 2 – will come in a bunch of funky colour. While a report by India Shopps suggests that the iPhone XR 2 will be available in black, grey, gold and PRODUCT (RED) colour variants, another report by Macotakara indicates that the device would be available in white, black, yellow, (PRODUCT) RED, lilac and green colour variants.

Multiple reports in the past have indicated that while the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max successors, which will sport an OLED display, would come with a triple rear camera setup with a flash that would be housed inside a square shaped camera bump, the iPhone XR 2 too would get a camera upgrade and it would come with a dual rear camera setup that will be tucked inside a squarish camera bump. The iPhone XR 2, however, is likely to come with an LCD display that is similar to its predecessor. The three iPhones are likely to be powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic chipset and will ship with iOS 13.


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