iPhone 5G Will Be Radical, iPhone 11 Not

iPhone XS.

After all the iPhone 11 hype dies down, the rumor and hype machine for the next iPhone will ramp up very quickly.

That’s because the 2020 iPhone is the upgrade that counts: it will be a much-needed design overhaul of the stagnant iPhone X/XS/XI and come with 5G, the next big thing.

Morgan Stanley put it more clinically in a research note that arrived in my inbox this week: “a major iPhone cycle which we expect with the launch of 5G iPhone(s) in September 2020.”

The research note* from Morgan Stanley’s Katy L. Huberty also cites “low expectations” for next week’s iPhone event.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (cited in link above), is sending pretty much the same message. He expects the big changes for the 2020 iPhone will drive growth to new highs.

My takeaway is wait for the 2020 iPhone. Most consumers already can’t see the difference between the iPhone X and iPhone XS. And despite the hype (some of it legitimate like the multi-angle Face ID) coming from next week’s event, most will be hard pressed to see big differences outside of the (expected) giant camera on the back.

And the price** will be undoubtedly high. This is Apple after all.

Samsung is moving faster on design

I have both an iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. And I use both interchangeably everyday.

While I prefer the iPhone’s OS and the iPhone software ecosystem, the Galaxy S10 Plus is ahead on design.

The S10 Plus, with its gorgeous curves and contours, looks and feels like a smartphone should in 2019. The iPhone XS Max looks like a drab black slab (albeit with great software).

And the Galaxy S10 already has an in-display touch ID (predicted for the 2020 iPhone) and variants of the Galaxy S10 already boast 5G, giving it a head start heading into 2020.

I’m predicting all of that will change dramatically with the 2020 iPhone. Putting it back in the design race.