Xilinx launches Alveo U50 data center accelerator card

Image result for Xilinx launches Alveo U50 data center accelerator cardXilinx launched its latest Alveo data center accelerator card in a move to boost compute, network and storage workloads. The Alveo rollout highlights how Xilinx is targeting the data center and platform processors.

Specifically, Xilinx launched the Alveo U50 card, which is a low profile adaptable accelerator with PCIe Gen 4 support. The Alveo U50 is a programmable platform for server deployments on-premise, edge or in cloud.

Alveo U50, which is sampling now with general availability in the fall, improves throughput, latency and efficiency 10x to 20x. The U50 card gives developers the ability to find and eliminate latency and data bottlenecks.

Xilinx’s broad architecture, called Xilinx Ultrascale, enables the Alveo U50 card. Alveo U50 is the first with a 75-watt power envelope and packaged in a half-height, half-length form factor. It is designed for everything from machine learning to video transcoding to analytics.

The Alveo U50 card includes:

  • High-bandwidth memory (HBM2), 100 gigabit per second (100 Gbps) networking connectivity.
  • 8GB of HBM2.
  • Support for the PCIe Gen 4 and CCIX interconnects.
  • Support for (NVM Express over Fabrics).

Xilinx said AMD’s EPYC processor, IBM’s Power Systems and Western Digital will support Alveo U50.


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